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How Water Pumpkins to Lose Weight

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, 23 October 2013 0 comments

Water pumpkin is actually a fruit, but more often processed into vegetable menu. Besides rich nutrition, water pumpkins can also be consumed if you want to lose weight. Check out advantages of eating pumpkin water for weight loss.

Low calories
Water Pumpkin is very low in calories, so that it matches consumed for those who trying to lose weight. Even with a relaxing activity, calories from eating water pumpkin.

Low carbohydrate
Some people are trying to thin also sometimes avoid excessive carbohydrate consumption. Meanwhile, the water pumpkin is one kind of low carbs. Therefore eating water pumpkin also helps the weight loss process.

Water Pumpkin containing little or does not contain fat at all. Of course this is good news for dieters who want to lose weight. Because fatty foods do tend to make the widening waistlines.

Actually, water Pumpkin is rich in vitamins and minerals. But the most important nutrients contained in the water pumpkin is calcium. Eating watar pumpkin could be one way to meet daily calcium needs.

That water pumpkin ways to lose weight. The other good news, water pumpkin easily found in the market or supermarket and the price is relatively affordable.

According to new research, frozen vegetables and fruits turned out to be more healthful than fresh. Because vitamin and antioxidant content is higher. As many as two out of three cases of frozen food exactly have a higher content of antioxidants - including vitamin C, polyphenols, anthocyanins, lutein, and beta-carotene - when compared with fresh vegetables and fruits.

Consumption of these antioxidants were able to maintain overall body health and prevent cancer. So, what causes fruits and vegetables are healthier if frozen? The research team from Leatherhead Food Research and the University of Chester were explain.

According to Dr. Rachel Burch, while shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables, the food normally enter into our fridge, left too long before eating, nutrition is lost. But things are different with frozen foods, vegetables and fruits are immediately frozen when harvested, so the nutrients remain high.

Some examples of frozen foods being researched by the experts are broccoli, carrots, sprouts, blueberries, and green beans. So far, many people assume that the more fresh fruits and vegetables are healthier than frozen. However, these studies prove that frozen food is healthier than fresh vegetables and fruits.

A recent study says that a compound in green vegetables broccoli effective against the ill effects of radiation - one of the therapeutic treatment of cancer.

Besides broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower also includes a vegetable that has an antidote compounds an adverse effect of radiation therapy. The exact compound called DIM (3'-diindolylmethane). Researchers initially did research on laboratory mice. Now they also ensure safe DIM compounds for human nature.

According to Dr. Eliot Rosen of Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, DIM has long been used as ingredients for cancer drugs. However, this time we find a new DIM also potent counteract an adverse effect of radiation therapy. Radiation therapy for cancer patients is powerful enough to kill tumor cells. But unfortunately sometimes the healthy cells also were destroyed.

With DIM, an adverse effect of radiation will decrease. Patients also have a high chance of cure. The results then reported in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Smoothies and Juices, Which is Healthier?

Posted by Unknown Thursday, 17 October 2013 1 comments

Juice is a drink made from fruits or vegetables only with the process of taking the extract. While a smoothie is a mixture of fruit or vegetable or both with milk and yogurt are mashed.

Both are good drinks consumed every day, but which one is healthier? let's see.

The health benefits
Fruit or vegetable juice can contribute a variety of nutrients in the body. Juice consumption is recommended for people who experience indigestion or a sensitive stomach, because the juice is easily digested and nutrients absorbed by the body.

While smoothies, there are a lot of fiber in it that is making fuller stomach. Another smoothie benefits for health are increasing the risk of lowering blood sugar levels.

The variation
The juice can be obtained from the extracts of fruits, vegetables, or a mixture of both. While smoothies can be a mixture of milk, yogurt, whole grains, and other healthy foods because the goal is not a substitute for a healthy snack.

Impact on the body
Juice is a liquid and not so much fiber. So the juice will not make your stomach satiety can even relieve thirst. Drinking juice is also usually triggers an increase in blood sugar levels.

In contrast to the smoothies, this drinks are high in fiber which makes slow the digestive system. So the stomach full longer and is more suitable to be consumed when you're trying to lose weight.

That's the difference between smoothies and juices. In your opinion, which one is healthier?

Tea tree oil is an antiseptic that has been used for many years as a healer of skin diseases. But other than that, there are many uses of tea tree oil for health. Here are some of the benefits of tea tree oil:

The mouth problems
Tea tree oil is a natural mouthwash that could be a solution to the problem of the mouth, such as swollen gums, bad breath, and plaque on the teeth. Three drops of tea tree oil that is mixed with warm water is a healthful herb mouthwash mouth.

Inhaling steam from a mixture of tea tree oil and water is a drug used to treat chest infections. Meanwhile, if you want to relieve sore throat, gargle the mixture several times a day.

Got a dandruff which difficult to kicked out from scalp? Choose a shampoo that contains tea tree oil main ingredient to resolve this problem

Foot fungus
Fungus on the feet is a health problem that is quite annoying. Try to apply tea tree oil for the treatment of foot fungus. If applied regularly, foot fungus would quickly go away.

Muscle aches
Aches and muscle pain can be relieved after working with tea tree oil. The trick, try soaking in a bath containing a mixture of water and a few drops of tea tree oil.

The last, the problem of acne can be treated with tea tree oil. Do that by apply tea tree oil with a cotton swab on the stubborn acne.

That the benefits of tea tree oil for health. Do not hesitate to make use of the oil as the solution of health problems above.

High cholesterol can affect anyone who does not maintain a healthy diet and lack of physical activity. But compared to people of normal weight, obese people were more at risk to suffer from high cholesterol. Why?

Obesity is one of the main risks that trigger high blood cholesterol levels. Although both eating unhealthy and fatty foods, in fact, high cholesterol first approached people who are obese than people with a healthy weight. Obese people are more at risk of high cholesterol because he was more at risk of insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance is a condition where the body's cells become less sensitive to the glucose-lowering effect on the hormone insulin. Obesity is one of the causes of insulin resistance. Well, insulin resistance is a major trigger of cholesterol metabolism disorder, which causes high cholesterol levels in the blood.

Therefore, it is suggested that obese people can lose weight by 5 to 10 percent. Set up a healthy diet, regular exercise, and consult a doctor to check whether the relatively normal blood cholesterol.

Benefits of Corn for Your Health

Posted by Unknown Saturday, 12 October 2013 0 comments

Corn is one of the vegetables were tasty and easy to cook with cooked into various dishes. Not only that, corn is also very healthy because it contains many nutrients that are essential for health.

You will get a lot of health benefits by consuming corn on a regular basis. Here are some of the benefits of corn:

Digestive system
Corn fiber is important for smooth digestion. According to many studies, a cup of corn grains more than 10 percent adequate intake of dietary fiber daily.

Good for the skin
Corn flour at this point has been widely used in the manufacture of cosmetics, because corn flour have adequate benefits for your skin. One of them to slows down the aging process of skin, due to its high antioxidant content.

Controlling Diabetes
Many studies have shown that those who consume less corn, prone to diabetes. Phytochemicals contained in corn proved able to control your diabetes.

Prevent Anemia
If you have anemia, it is important for you to consume corn. Anemia is caused by a deficiency of vitamin B12, folic acid and iron. While corn containing the three, so as to help the formation of new red blood cells.

Rich in Mineral
Corn is one of the abundant mineral resources. Corn is rich in magnesium, manganese, iron, copper, zinc and selenium are all very necessary to maintain the health of your body's organs.

Your Body Less of Liquid. Beware!!!

Posted by Unknown Thursday, 10 October 2013 0 comments

Dehydration or lack of body fluids is often regarded as trivial. In fact, the effect can trigger mild health problems, or more severe renal impairment.

Unfortunately, many people who did not realize that he was chronically dehydrated. Chronic dehydration problems have a negative impact in any stage of life. There are some signs of chronic dehydration that must be recognized, which can be directly addressed by increasing water intake and the following symptoms is :

  1. Dry mouth
    Mouth and dry lips is a common sign of dehydration. However, if followed by the tongue swells and tears dry, it is mean that suffered you have severe dehydration.
  2. Constipation disease
    Not only is less intake of fiber, lack of fluids in the body also cause constipation. This is because when dehydrated, The colon trying to conserve water, resulting in feces become dry and hard.
  3. Urine color changes
    An easy way to know whether the body adequate intake of water or not is to check the color of urine. If it's dark yellow urine means you are dehydrated.
  4. Pain in the Head
    Lack of fluids will make a volume of oxygen decreases, so that the body tired. They are also accompanied by headache, especially when suddenly stood up from sitting or sleeping. In severe cases, a person can pass out of dehydration.
  5. Pounding heart
    Dehydration also cause a decrease in blood flow, causing changes in electrolyte levels. As a result, the heart beats faster.
  6. Decreased skin elasticity
    In contrast to the normal skin condition, the body is dehydrated usually less elastic. When pinched, the skin tends to slowly get back into shape.

Customize Your Diet Types by Age

Posted by Unknown Monday, 7 October 2013 0 comments

For those of you who find it difficult to lose weight, it could be due to the type of diet you are running is wrong. In fact, as we age, the body's metabolism slows down. This resulted in many stubborn fat became more difficult to remove.

Additionally, as we age, many who suffer from arthritis and had difficulty breathing. This makes it becomes increasingly difficult to exercise and lose weight.

Not only that, please note that the body's nutritional needs changes when you reach the age of 40's and 50's. That is one reason why you should change your diet type.

Therefore, check out some tips in determining the type of age-appropriate diet so the weight loss process can run smoothly.

  1. You need to think about what foods you want to consume each day and how much for it. Slower metabolism will affect the body's ability to burn calories. For that, consider it carefully before consuming unhealthy foods such as snacks and desserts.
  2. Your exercise routine should also be changed, by adding flexible movements that will help strengthen joints and muscles are growing older. Sports such as yoga and Pilates can be an option for being able to build muscle without risk of injury. Not only that, exercise intensity must also be improved, so that you will get better results.
  3. Your body needs nutrients better as we get older to support the muscles, circulatory system, joints and so on. Therefore, multiply the consumption of food or beverages that are rich in calcium for healthy bones and joints, as well as protein to repair your muscles so that they can support the body properly, especially when exercising.
  4. You also need to consider to calculate or record the calories per day. This will help you limit your intake of excess calories that often come from little things you do, like adding sugar to drinks or eating fried as a snack.

Walking Often Can Suppress The Risk of Breast Cancer

Posted by Unknown Sunday, 6 October 2013 0 comments

Walking is one of the simplest sports and free of charge. In addition, walking also has many benefits, such as reducing tension and eliminate stress.

Recently, researchers discovered other benefits of walking. Walk for an hour a day can slash the risk of breast cancer significantly. In a study published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, a team from the American Cancer Society says, this is the first time the reduction of risk of breast cancer specifically was associated with walking.

The research followed about 73,615 women in two stages. First, in the year 1992-1993 and the second between 1997-2009. Respondents were asked to fill out questionnaires about their health condition and how much time is used for walking, swimming, aerobics, watching television, till read.

Of approximately 73 615 respondents, 47 percent of whom say that walking is the only leisure of their activity. Researchers also found that women who walk at least seven hours each week had a 14 percent lower risk of developing breast cancer compared with those who walked three hours or less each week.

With this study, researchers recommend that women who are post-menopausal spare time by walking. While the Chief Executive of Breast Cancer Campaign, Baroness Delyth Morgan, said that the results of this study add to the evidence that a row of lifestyle play a major role in influencing the risk of breast cancer.

The challenge of today is how do we convert these findings into action and identify other sustainable lifestyle changes that will help us prevent breast cancer.

The heart plays an important role in the body because it serves as a means of transportation of blood. The heart is a vital organ that is useful to pump blood and oxygen throughout the body. Here are some of the nutrients contained in the foods that you can consume to improve heart health.


These nutrients are found in broccoli, tea, soybean, watermelon, garlic. According to some research, phytoestrogens may reduce blood clotting, so avoid the risk of stroke and heart arrhythmias.


These nutrients can reduce low-density lipoprotein or cholesterol in the blood. Usually these nutrients are found in all types of nuts, seeds, and wheat.


Nutrients are found in vegetables and colored fruits can act as antioxidants to protect the heart. In addition, carotenoids may help prevent toxins and plaque deposits in the arteries.

MonoUnsaturated fatty acids
This nutrient is a nutrient which is best to protect the heart because it can lower bad cholesterol. Some foods that contain these nutrients are peanuts and avocados.


Selenium works with vitamin E to help clean up the damage caused by free radicals. The foods containing selenium are lentils and wheat bread.

Omega 3

The best source of omega 3 are walnuts, fish such as salmon and tuna. Omega-3 fatty acids help in boosting the immune system, reduce blood clotting, and protect the heart against free radicals.


Flavonoids are antioxidants that help to protect the heart and helps the absorption of vitamins in the body. Best sources of flavonoids are green tea, fruits, and vegetables.

Vitamin A, C, dan E

The combination of vitamins A, C, and E can help prevent fatty deposits that pile up in the arterial wall. The best source of this vitamin are all kinds of fruits and vegetables

Vitamin B Complex

A variety of B-complex vitamins such as folic acid and vitamin B6 helps in preventing blood clots and hardening of the artery walls. Vitamin B complex can be found in fish, nuts, chicken, and potatoes

Folic Acid

These nutrients help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Foods that contain these nutrients are vegetables, nuts, and fruits

That's some good nutrients to our heart. Keep our heart to keep it working optimally. :)

Start Your Day With An Apple!!!

Posted by Unknown Friday, 4 October 2013 0 comments

Are you confused determine the breakfast menu? Try to start include an apple in your breakfast menu. An apple is rich in kindness to your health. There are 5 benefits of an apple

1. Apples are rich in antioxidants
Antioxidants is necessary for women to prevent premature aging. In addition, the powerful antioxidants in apples to prevent or reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.

2. Apples are rich in fiber
High fiber contained in apples can make healthy digestion. With healthy digestion, then you will avoid the risk of colon cancer.

3. Apples, a tool for weight control
Apple became the main food in the diet for most people. Many people say that apple as a way of making you feel full faster.

4. Apples are a good source of vitamins and good nutrition
An apple contains vitamin A, C, and B which is quite large. In addition, apples are also rich in calcium, zinc, magnesium, and iron.

5. Apples contain 80% water
Because it contains a lot of water, so by consuming an apple per day you will avoid dehydration.

Although small shape, apparently, the apple store a million benefits that are important for health. Therefore, do not hesitate to include an apple in your daily diet.

The skin is definitely an important role to a person's appearance. To maintain healthy skin, there are simple and natural way to do that is by using coconut water. One of the benefits of coconut water is to prevent infection of the skin and wrinkles.

Coconut water is one of the safest moisturizer to keep the skin healthy and to keep it glowing. When used directly or in the form of packaging, is almost certainly no contamination because no chemicals are added. 

When the skin feels dry and dull, splash of coconut water will immediately rehydrating the skin to make it fresh and glowing. In addition, coconut water also is producing oil, so, use it on a regular basis can prevent acne, blackheads, and spots on the skin.

When the circulation of oxygen is low, a lot of dirt that can be stored on the surface of the skin. Each cell also requires a good blood circulation and coconut water can helped. Therefore, coconut water can improve blood circulation and cleanses the pores so that the skin can pick up enough oxygen and makes the skin shiny and perfect.

Some people are also susceptible to infections of the skin accompanied by intense itching. Especially during the rainy season or at the height of summer. Well, there are properties of coconut water antiviral, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties that can heal and soothe the skin. If you want to prevent infections of the skin, there is nothing wrong enter two glasses of coconut water into a tub of water for a shower.

Not only that, coconut water also contains cytokines that can prevent the skin from wrinkles and aging. To keep skin looks fresh and radiant, mix coconut water with a pinch of turmeric powder and apply evenly to the face and neck. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash your face.

To relieve scars and holes caused by smallpox or acne, coconut water can also be used. For best results, clean your body from the inside by drinking a glass of coconut water on a regular basis.

Good Luck :) Keep Healthy

Let's Recognize Early Symptoms of Stroke Attack From Now

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, 2 October 2013 0 comments

If you want to get optimal results, a person who had a stroke should receive treatment in less than three hours. The time span is what is often called a golden period.

Need for care and early detection of other people, including family and community. Because acute stroke treatment can only doing in a hospital, while at home could only be detected early or reassuring to patients while waiting for evacuation to hospital.

Early signs of stroke symptoms can be identified through FAST. FACE that asks people suspected of having a stroke to smile and make sure whether his face was symmetrical or not. Then ARMS to ask the person to raise both arms straight ahead and hold a few seconds. Look, if the person can only lift one arm only. If you can lift them, see if one of the arms down

SPEECH, which is ask the person to repeat a few sentences that contain many letters especially R. Last, the TIME, when it found one of these symptoms then contact or bring the patient to the nearest hospital emergency department because every second counts.

Strokes can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle and avoiding tobacco. Fifty percent of strokes can be prevented, especially by avoiding cigarettes therefore be a factor of 25 percent of strokes it. In addition, cigarettes are also taste awful and expensive, right?

Fruits are healthier if consumed in fresh form. So what about the vegetables? Apparently some vegetables are healthier if consumed in fresh or processed form.

These vegetables are recommended to be consumed in processed form, especially the steamed. Because asparagus steamed able to pull out potent compounds against cancer.

Beet lost 25 percent of folate when cooked. So beets should be eaten in the form of fresh to keep the nutrients contained.

Just like beets, broccoli is best consumed in the fresh form. Because there are special compounds in fresh broccoli that can cleanse the liver from toxins cause cancer.

When eating mushrooms, be sure to cook it first. Whether it's boiled, baked, or steamed, mushroom contains more potassium after processed into food.

Enough slices and meal directly in the form of fresh onions. Nutritious content of compounds in fresh onions so much more than if the food is cooked.

Red peppers
Vitamin C in red pepper would be destroyed if fried or baked at temperatures above 190 degrees Celsius. Therefore, consumption of red peppers in fresh form.

Spinach needs to be processed into food if you want to get the nutrients calcium, iron, and magnesium are higher. While fresh spinach contain nutrients that are not too high

What about tomatoes, healthier eaten directly or processed first? Apparently the answer is cooked because it contains cancer-fighting nutrients in processed tomatoes is much higher than that of fresh.

That turned out a variety of vegetables are healthier if eaten in fresh form, while others are recommended to be consumed after being processed.

Diabetes can be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, one of which is poor diet. Check out more about the diet can increase risk of diabetes.

Missed Breakfast
Breakfast is the schedule of eating that should not be missed. Because missed breakfast can make sugar levels rise dramatically and encourage someone to snacking. As a result, the risk of diabetes increases.

Eating sugary foods
Different types of sweet foods, such as cakes, candy, bread, milk, or whatever, is delicious and tempting tastes of our meal. However, if the consumption of sweet foods is not limited, the risk of diabetes is set to rise.

Eating junk food
Besides sweets, junk food consumption is also linked with increasing risk of diabetes. Because, fat and excess oils disrupt the function of the body in maintaining health.

Carelessly snacking
Snacking is actually essential to prevent excessive eating habits. But the unhealthy snacks can make you gain weight. Obesity was eventually trigger type 2 diabetes.

Irregular eating
The ideal schedule of eating is three times a day along with two snacks in between meals. But if the irregular schedule of eating, especially unhealthy food consumed, the risk of diabetes will increase.

That variety of diet can increase risk of diabetes. Should begin now reduce the unhealthy habits in order to maintain overall health.

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