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The Benefits of Walking Barefoot

Posted by Rifki Hakim Thursday, 23 October 2014 0 comments


The footwear was created to protect the human foot from a lot of things. Starting from sharp objects that are on the streets, bacteria, germs, and dirt when walking. But that does not mean you should continue to use footwear when walking. Once in a while, walking barefoot can also provide health benefits.

Walking barefoot makes people closer to the earth. The energy of the earth is claimed to provide benefits to the body. What are the benefits to be given to the road barefoot? are you Curious? here's a list of benefits:
 Neutralize free radicals, reduce stress and help the healing process of wounds, trauma, and pain. 
  1. Lowering the level of chronic inflammation that is often associated with many health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other.
  2. Useful for people who have auto-immune conditions
  3. Improving the quality of sleep.
  4. Improving the balance of the body and the blood circulation
You don't have to constantly walk around with barefoot. These benefits can you get by occasionally walk barefoot in the house, or on the grass and your garden. Walking barefoot is recommended to do at least 60 minutes every day. Good luck! 

Food poisoning can happen to anyone. Eating foods that are not hygienic or allergies to a particular food substances capable of causing food poisoning. When infected, then usually you will suffer symptoms of nausea, headache, diarrhea, and abdominal cramps. Ignoring these symptoms can make the disease worse.

Here is a natural ingredient that may exist around you that are useful to treat food poisoning:

Ginger is an excellent natural herbal remedy to cure all types of digestive disorders including food poisoning. Drinking ginger tea while poisoning is the right first step for treating food poisoning.

Acidic nature of lemon can help to kill the bacteria that cause food poisoning. Eating a tablespoon of lemon juice mixed with a little sugar for a few times to relieve the symptoms of poisoning.

Apple cider vinegar 
Apple cider vinegar contains alkali in it. This natural substance not only can kill the bacteria that cause poisoning, but also to strengthen the gastrointestinal lining in the stomach.

This leaves serve as effective herbs to cure digestive disorders such as food poisoning. Drinking water that previously leaf decoction is mixed with honey. This herbal medicine is able to kill bacteria that cause food poisoning gradually.

Besides with drinking coconut water, food poisoning is able to be cured with natural ingredient above. Good luck!

Patients with Anemia Should Eat this Food

Posted by Rifki Hakim Saturday, 31 May 2014 0 comments

Sufficient amount of blood is very important to keep your body healthy and fit. If the amount of  your blood is low and you are likely to suffer from anemia, there are some healthy foods that can increase the amount of red blood cells and make your body back to health.

Bit is a good food source for vitamin A and vitamin C. Both of these vitamins can increase the amount of your red blood cell.

Green Vegetables
Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, water spinach, and celery proven to increase your red blood cells. Not only good for the health of the blood, these vegetables are also good for weight control and maintain a healthy digestive system.

Foods that containing iron 
Iron is an essential mineral needed by the body. Iron is not only able to make your bones become stronger but also expedite the supply of oxygen to the circulatory system. Iron deficiency can lead to anemia. Examples of foods that contain iron include red meat, potatoes, raisins, and oysters.

These beans are rich in iron that works to improve the health of your red blood cells. Eating 1 ounce of almonds per day to fulfill the needs of your daily iron.

The patients with anemia are advised to eat fruit every day. Because not only nutritious, fruits also effective to increase the amount of blood in your body. Consumption of apricots, watermelon, apples, grapes, and raisins to increase the blood flow in your body.

So, rather than you consume chemical medications to improve blood health, you should eat healthy foods for the health of the blood in your body.

Vegetarian Diets Were Able to Overcome Hypertension!

Posted by Rifki Hakim Tuesday, 27 May 2014 0 comments

Hypertension is a disease which is certainly not unfamiliar to many people. Often, people who have high blood pressure should limit foods consumed so as not to cause a surge in blood pressure. However, a recent study from Japan revealed that one type of diet is also known potent to lowering blood pressure.

After making observations of the 39 studies of 22,000 people, researchers found that vegetarians have lower blood pressure two times than those who eat meat. In addition, they also found that vegetarian diets can reduce the risk of blood pressure up to 9% and the risk of stroke by 14 %.

Researchers from the National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center in Osaka, Yoko Yokoyama, explaining that a vegetarian diet of any kind, whether it is more focused on vegetables, grains, nuts, fruit, or grain, as well as the diet allows the consumption of dairy products, fish, and eggs, can be used to lower blood pressure. The important thing is not to eat meat, in other words become a vegetarian.

Unfortunately, this study did not show any nutrition from vegetarian diets that cause the difference in the effect on blood pressure in people who eat meat. In addition, because of this small-scale study, it seems that further research is needed to clarify the effects of vegetarian diets on high blood pressure.

This Food Can Prevent Stroke Symptoms!!!

Posted by Rifki Hakim Saturday, 24 May 2014 0 comments

Healthy food is not only good for weight loss only. However you can get many health benefits of consuming these foods. Eating healthy foods is able to have long-term benefits that can help you to avoid chronic diseases such as heart problems and stroke.

Here are some examples of foods that can preventing of stroke :

Eating nuts good for your health, especially your heart and brain health. Because nuts are rich in B vitamins folate, or also known as folic acid. A study showed that foods rich in folic acid can reduce the risk of stroke by 20%.

Foods that rich in antioxidants
Antioxidants can help reduce the inflammation and plaque in your arteries. Antioxidants are also known to dilate blood vessels thus increasing blood flow to your heart. Fruits and vegetables are examples of foods rich in antioxidants.

Fresh fish
Ideally, the human should eat a lot of fish rather than red meat. Fish, especially tuna and salmon are good sources of omega 3 fats. These substances can increase blood flow and reduce the blood clotting. Eating fish can reduce the risk of stroke by 27%.

Foods that rich in potassium
The study showed that people who often eat foods rich in potassium will have a reduced risk of stroke by 28%. Bananas, potatoes, prunes, and currants are some examples of foods high in potassium.

Foods that rich in magnesium
Besides eating foods that rich in potassium, make sure you also eat lots of foods that high in magnesium. Because magnesium can reduce the risk of stroke by up to 30%. Foods such as wheat and corn are good sources of magnesium.

Stroke is a terrible disease that is able to bring a wide variety of other dangerous diseases. But you can prevent early by eating foods above. So, Keep Healthy :)

Breakfast with Full of Protein Can Control Your Lunch!!!

Posted by Rifki Hakim Thursday, 22 May 2014 0 comments

High Protein Breakfast

A recent study found that the breakfast menu is rich in protein will increase your appetite properly and be able to control glucose levels in the blood. Furthermore, this study compared the results of the study among people who ate breakfast menu with a menu that is generally less protein and those who ate breakfast menu with a full menu of protein such as eggs, meat, and milk. As a result, they can control their hunger and easier to control calorie intake at lunch.

A nutritionist from Hillshire Brands, Dr. Kristin Harris, saying that protein is one of the essential nutrients for the body. And as a consumer, you need to know about how much protein intake you need, so you will get maximum benefit of the protein, such as to control your hunger.

He also suggested that switch to consume breakfast menu such as bread or rice, try to consume meat, eggs, or nuts as a breakfast menu.

Eat Bananas, Lose or Increase Your Weight?

Posted by Rifki Hakim Saturday, 17 May 2014 0 comments

During this time, a banana is considered as one type of food that should be consumed if you want to gain weight. But sometimes, bananas be recommended for those who are dieting and want to lose weight. So how exactly are the benefits of bananas?

If you only eat bananas without eating other foods, then you will lose weight. But if you eat regular meals, and eat bananas 8 to 10 each days, the possibility of weight gain will increase. 

Bananas for Loss Weight.
Bananas can help you lose weight. One banana contains 108 calories which is almost equal to 17.5 grams of carbohydrates. Our body needs carbohydrates to function optimally. But too many carbohydrates will cause weight gain. 

In addition, bananas also contain lots of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Bananas also contain pectin which makes you feel full longer. For that reason, bananas are also very ideal to be consumed when on a diet.

Not only that, bananas also have a low glycemic index that helps you lose weight. Eating bananas will help control blood sugar levels. The study revealed that bananas are very suitable for consumption when dieting.

Bananas to Gain Weight.
During this time, a banana is also recommended for those who want to increase the weight. Bananas are full of calories can be a help to increase the weight. It is best to use a banana that made a milkshake. Not only helps increase the weight, bananas also contain manganese which is good for the digestive system and prevent bone disease.

Bananas can be used to lose weight or increase the weight. The important thing is to eat them by the rules. Combine bananas with a healthy diet to improve or lose weight. :)

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