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Some Surprising Headache Triggers

Posted by Rifki Hakim Friday, 9 January 2015

Headaches can appear suddenly and can be very annoying because it interferes with daily activities. You might be wondering what the cause. Is the food just eaten? or is it because of lack of sleep?

There are some things that you may not realize that it can trigger headaches. Some triggers of headaches such as:

The Food
Keju, makanan yang mengandung monosodium glutamate (MSG), alkohol, kafein, ice cream/makanan dingin, produk susu, atau produk daging dapat memicu sakit kepala. 

Skip a mealWhen you skip a meal, usually will appear headache before realizing that you are hungry. It is related with blood sugar levels in the body.

The Weather
Temperature changes can trigger a migraine, be it cold or warm weather. Warmer temperatures most often cause headaches. Use goggles and sufficient the needs of your fluids if you have to leave the house during hot weather. 

Perfume can lead to a sense of comfort and confidence, but in some particular scent can trigger a headache. Allegedly pungent smell will stimulate the nervous system and cause migraines.

Mobile Phone
If you ever find yourself bowing while playing games on your phone for hours, you may have to take a short break. Rays from your mobile phone screen activates the retina and nerve behind the eye, which can cause eye strain and pain in the head.



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