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Tai Chi Can Speed Up the Recovery of Stroke Patients

Posted by Unknown Saturday, 9 February 2013

Tai chi, an ancient martial concept of China, it can be used to speed up the healing process in patients with stroke. A study suggests that tai chi can reduce a patient's risk of stroke to fall.

In addition to keeping the patient's stroke so as not to easily fall, the study also found that people who did tai chi as part of their healing stroke recover faster than those who did tai chi.

This result was found after researchers observed 89 patients who survived stroke. The participants were an average age of 70 years were divided into three groups. One group was asked to perform tai chi for 12 weeks, the second group was asked SilverSneakers exercise to strengthen their muscles for 12 weeks. While the third group did many activities at random just so they are always active.

After three months of study, the total number of patients who fall are as many as 34 people. This is usually caused by a slip or walk fast. Researchers found that the group who did tai chi is the least fall. While about the same number of patients who fall are at the second and third groups.

Researchers observed that stroke patients are usually lacking in balance. For that, they easily fall. Tai chi movements are slow, gentle, and make sure stroke patients feel a firmer footing. In addition, tai chi also makes the mind more focused stroke patient and calm.


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