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Consuming This Foods Can Brighten Your Skin

Posted by Rifki Hakim Sunday, 10 February 2013

Many people are willing to buy expensive beauty products to make skin look whiter. In fact, you can also lighten the skin by eating foods such as the following:

Rich in coenzyme called Q10, strawberry fruit is an antidote to free radicals, slow aging agent, and quickly be able to help the body cleanse the dead skin cells. Eating strawberries also make the body more quickly produce collagen.

Almost the same as strawberries, tomatoes also have properties to add the content of collagen in the skin. So that the skin will look bright and springy. Also antioxidants in tomatoes effective to remove acne and wrinkle lines on the skin.

Orange, fruit rich in vitamin C has the effect of lowering inflammation and can help the skin look brighter. In addition, vitamin C also helps the absorption of vitamin E and iron in the body, so the skin will look more radiant.

Lastly, there are eggs that keep the skin moist. Eggs also contain amino acids that stimulate the growth of new skin cells. While the antioxidants contained in the skin called lutein and zeaxanthin are protective agent attacks the skin from ultraviolet rays that bad

That many foods that have skin lightening properties. Do not be lazy to eat it every day. :)


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