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What to eat or drink in the morning will affect your whole day. Starting the day with a cup of warm water with lemon will provide many benefitsBefore we move in the morningyou can drink a cup of warm water which is added lemon juice, or insert a wedge of lemon into a cupWarm water with lemon has many benefits that will make your body healthier

Here are 7 benefits you can get from the warm water with lemon :
A. Boost the Immune System

Lemon is rich in vitamin C and potassiumVitamin C is great to overcome the cold and potassium contained in the lemon works to stimulate brain function that helps control blood pressure

B. pH Balance

Lemon is acidic foods, but a healthy body is alkaline. But when it enters the body, lemon will be alkaline and citric acid in the lemon doesn't create acidity in the body's metabolismSo that the pH in your body stay balanced by drinking a lemon.

C. Help you Lose Weight

Lemon has a high content of pectin fiber, which makes you not feel hungry easily.Therefore, the lemon can be a good choice to help you lose weight.

D. Helps digestion

Warm water works to stimulate the digestive tract and peristalsis in the intestinal wall. So that the food you eat will be digested properly. Minerals and vitamins in lemon can also help loosen toxins in the digestive tract.

E. Acts as a natural diuretic

Drinking lemon juice will increase the desire to urinate. So that the toxins in the body will be immediately removed from the body through the urinary tract and make you stay healthy.

F. Cleaning the skin

Vitamin C in lemon juice can help prevent the onset of wrinkles and blemishes on the skin. Lemon juice to clean the toxins in the blood which can also enhance the beauty of the skin. 
G. Prevent dehydration

When your body is dehydrated, the organs can not perform all its functions optimally, causing the buildup of toxins, stress, constipation and other health problems. Lemon contains minerals in amounts and will help you avoid the dangers of dehydration.

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