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Yoga Eases Menopause Disorders and Insomnia

Posted by Rifki Hakim Sunday, 4 December 2011

Yoga is effective enough to help alleviate the conditions of menopause and insomnia. Doing some yoga sessions during the week can help alleviate sleep problems and other effects of menopause. 

Yoga can also help postmenopausal women who have been diagnosed with insomnia. The results of these studies have been reported in the journal Menopause. 

"We're not saying that yoga can cure the symptoms of menopause. But at least be able to improve their physical condition," said Dr.. Helena Hachul, one researcher as reported from FoxNewsHealth, Monday (05/12/2011). 

The study has involved 44 women who were randomly divided into 3 groups. A total of 15 people had no treatment, 14 people are still doing therapy with a physical therapist 2 times a week, and 15 people to follow in yoga class 2 times a week. 

Sessions include a variety of yoga positions and stretching techniques of Tibet with powerful breathing techniques and fast. After 4 months, women in the yoga group reported fewer menopausal problems than those who do not exercise. 

Women often experience hot flashes (hot flashes), night sweats, anxiety and irritability, and some have trouble sleeping or feel down during menopause. Hormone therapy can ease a lot of people with such problems. 

According to Women's Health Initiative study in 2002, but hormone therapy may also contribute to the occurrence of the risk of heart disease, stroke and breast cancer. 

Since then, fewer women who opt for hormone therapy and many have turned to alternative methods to deal with their problems. Alternative methods include, taking herbs like black cohosh and red clover to alleviate the symptoms of hot flashes. 

But one study has found a solution that is no better than dummy pills. According to the North American Menopause Society, homeopathic remedies such as evening primrose oil, ginseng, kava, licorice, also has had disappointing results. 

Instead research has shown that yoga can reduce stress levels and curb the activity of the sympathetic nervous system response against the body's reaction to the threat or danger. 

"It is part of the collected evidence showing the benefits of yoga. Doctors have started to recommend yoga, not just for menopause, but for a variety of health conditions," said Cathryn Booth LaForce. 

Lying on the table and stretching may help improve health conditions with relaxation. But yoga is about focusing on what does and connect the mind and body. 

"The women should take a restorative yoga class or gentle. I would suggest she take a yoga class for a week, and then try to practice yoga at home for 15 minutes a day," said Booth LaForce.


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