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The Benefits of Apples and Pears For Your Body

Posted by Rifki Hakim Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Not all fruits can help us protect ourselves from stroke. Recent studies show that eating fruits and vegetables which have white flesh can protect us from strokes. Examples of these two are apples and pears. 

Not just to relieve the symptoms of stroke, both of the fruit are also great for people who often inhale cigarette smoke (passive smokers). Because, apples and pears can help clear toxins in the body.

The study was conducted at Wageningen University, Netherlands, by looking at the relationship between the consumption of food color with a stroke in 20.069 adults were free of heart disease and the mean age was 41 years.

This study found that the risk of stroke 52% lower in people with high intake of fruit and vegetables a white fleshy. Each 25 gram increase in daily consumption of fruits and vegetables is associated with a fleshy white 9% lower risk had a stroke.

Apples and pears are high in fiber and have a pigment called quercetin. According to the lead researcher, Linda M Oude Griep, to protect themselves from stroke, we should increase the consumption of large amounts of white fleshy fruits and vegetables. Eat the apples a day is an easy way to increase fruit and vegetable intake of white flesh.


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