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Keep Your Body with Fruits and Vegetables

Posted by Rifki Hakim Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Fruits and vegetables is often used as a 'friend diet' to lose weight. Is it actually can help lose weight? Let us learn more

Secrets of Weight Loss
The basic principle of weight loss is calorie balance. To lose weight, you must consume fewer calories than those used by our bodies. Or in short, calories in (from food) must be less than calories out. That is what should eat less? Not really. Restricting caloric intake does not necessarily mean eating less. We can still eat more quantity but low in calories by choosing the right foods, eg, fruits and vegetables.

Tips Diet With Fruits and Vegetables
Research shows that people who regularly eat fruits and vegetables appeared to have a lower risk of obesity. The secret? Fruits and vegetables contain a high water and fiber so it tends to be low in calories and low in fat. The content of water and fiber in fruits and vegetables also help make us feel full faster and not get hungry again.

Still need to remember that although fruits and vegetables low calorie content, they still contain calories. If fruits and vegetables consumed excessively in addition to the daily diet, your weight will actually increase. The right way is to replace the consumption of high-calorie foods with fruits and vegetables. In addition to low calorie, we also got the added bonus of a range of nutrients contained in fruits and vegetables.

For example, replace some of the meat dishes during lunch with vegetables such as broccoli, beans, or carrots. Make sure that the fruits, vegetables, and whole grains occupy the largest portion on the plate. In addition, fruits and vegetables can also be a selection of low calorie healthy snacks, such as:

1 apple = 72 calories
1 banana = 105 Calories
1 cup wine = 100 calories
1 cup boiled green beans = 44 calories
1 cup cooked carrots = 45 calories
1 cup steamed broccoli = 30 Calories


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