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Listen to Music a Lot of Benefits

Posted by Rifki Hakim Saturday, 17 January 2015

Bob Marley once said a very famous sentence,  "One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain". That sentence mean that music has the benefit of magic to heal yourself both physically and emotionally. With music, physical coordination goes well, you will increase the linguistic capabilities, and you can avoid the risk of dementia in old age. But the benefits are not only that, here are other magical benefits of listening to music :

Relieves pain
Music has great benefits in treating pain. Music works with the nervous system which then automatically able to relieve chronic pain. That is why music is used as a therapy in the hospital for childbirth, anesthesia, or post-operative pain relief. Music will make the body excrete endorphins to counteract pain, slow heart rate, and breathing relaxes.

Improving the health of blood vessels
Tempo, intensity and speed of the music affects the heart. Music will be able to increase your heart rate and breathing.

Improve intelligence
Music education is very important given to children because it can improve brain health as well as visual or verbal skill of their. Playing a musical instrument is also the best way to improve intelligence and IQ of your baby.

Improve brain health
Listening to music on old age will help keep your brain in order to stay young and healthy. Listening to music is also able to function as a training tool because the brain is able to exercise the power of your imagination.

Improve mood
When listening to music, your brain releases dopamine which can relieve tense mood

Controlling blood pressure
Listen to music with a gentle rhythm will help patients of high blood pressure to control their blood. Research conducted by the American Society of Hypertension showed that just by listening to classical music for 30 minutes per day, the high blood pressure can drop significantly.

Improving the quality of sleep
Listening to music helps calm the mind and soul that helps you to sleep well. Music is also able to cure your insomnia.

Boost the immune system
When listening to music, the body will secrete certain hormones that can boost the body's immunity. Listen to music for 50 minutes can increase levels of antibodies the body and reduce stress levels of the hormone cortisol.

Support fetal growth
Pregnant women who listen to music has a positive fetal development. The baby who as a child listening to music also has a progress in terms of motor, intellectual and linguistic experience growth from birth.

Make you excited
Many people choose to listen to music while exercising. This is because the music will make their excited, increased durability, as well as distract you from all forms of discomfort

Sharpen memory
Music can help someone to remember something well. For the part of the brain that processes music right next to the brain memory

Accelerate the recovery period
Listening to music can make up your mind to relax muscles and relieve you from pain. As a result, you can speed up the recovery process.

Controlling appetite
Not many know that listening to music can control your appetite. Listening to music also makes you become slowly in digesting food.

Listening to music in fact has a myriad of benefits for your health. However, you also have to be careful in listening. Don't let the volume of your music so loud that damage your hearing.


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