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Smoothies and Juices, Which is Healthier?

Posted by Rifki Hakim Thursday, 17 October 2013

Juice is a drink made from fruits or vegetables only with the process of taking the extract. While a smoothie is a mixture of fruit or vegetable or both with milk and yogurt are mashed.

Both are good drinks consumed every day, but which one is healthier? let's see.

The health benefits
Fruit or vegetable juice can contribute a variety of nutrients in the body. Juice consumption is recommended for people who experience indigestion or a sensitive stomach, because the juice is easily digested and nutrients absorbed by the body.

While smoothies, there are a lot of fiber in it that is making fuller stomach. Another smoothie benefits for health are increasing the risk of lowering blood sugar levels.

The variation
The juice can be obtained from the extracts of fruits, vegetables, or a mixture of both. While smoothies can be a mixture of milk, yogurt, whole grains, and other healthy foods because the goal is not a substitute for a healthy snack.

Impact on the body
Juice is a liquid and not so much fiber. So the juice will not make your stomach satiety can even relieve thirst. Drinking juice is also usually triggers an increase in blood sugar levels.

In contrast to the smoothies, this drinks are high in fiber which makes slow the digestive system. So the stomach full longer and is more suitable to be consumed when you're trying to lose weight.

That's the difference between smoothies and juices. In your opinion, which one is healthier?

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