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Diet Can Increase The Risk of Diabetes

Posted by Rifki Hakim Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Diabetes can be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, one of which is poor diet. Check out more about the diet can increase risk of diabetes.

Missed Breakfast
Breakfast is the schedule of eating that should not be missed. Because missed breakfast can make sugar levels rise dramatically and encourage someone to snacking. As a result, the risk of diabetes increases.

Eating sugary foods
Different types of sweet foods, such as cakes, candy, bread, milk, or whatever, is delicious and tempting tastes of our meal. However, if the consumption of sweet foods is not limited, the risk of diabetes is set to rise.

Eating junk food
Besides sweets, junk food consumption is also linked with increasing risk of diabetes. Because, fat and excess oils disrupt the function of the body in maintaining health.

Carelessly snacking
Snacking is actually essential to prevent excessive eating habits. But the unhealthy snacks can make you gain weight. Obesity was eventually trigger type 2 diabetes.

Irregular eating
The ideal schedule of eating is three times a day along with two snacks in between meals. But if the irregular schedule of eating, especially unhealthy food consumed, the risk of diabetes will increase.

That variety of diet can increase risk of diabetes. Should begin now reduce the unhealthy habits in order to maintain overall health.


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