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Let's Recognize Early Symptoms of Stroke Attack From Now

Posted by Rifki Hakim Wednesday, 2 October 2013

If you want to get optimal results, a person who had a stroke should receive treatment in less than three hours. The time span is what is often called a golden period.

Need for care and early detection of other people, including family and community. Because acute stroke treatment can only doing in a hospital, while at home could only be detected early or reassuring to patients while waiting for evacuation to hospital.

Early signs of stroke symptoms can be identified through FAST. FACE that asks people suspected of having a stroke to smile and make sure whether his face was symmetrical or not. Then ARMS to ask the person to raise both arms straight ahead and hold a few seconds. Look, if the person can only lift one arm only. If you can lift them, see if one of the arms down

SPEECH, which is ask the person to repeat a few sentences that contain many letters especially R. Last, the TIME, when it found one of these symptoms then contact or bring the patient to the nearest hospital emergency department because every second counts.

Strokes can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle and avoiding tobacco. Fifty percent of strokes can be prevented, especially by avoiding cigarettes therefore be a factor of 25 percent of strokes it. In addition, cigarettes are also taste awful and expensive, right?


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