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This is The reason That Fat People is Easier Got High Cholesterol

Posted by Rifki Hakim Monday, 14 October 2013

High cholesterol can affect anyone who does not maintain a healthy diet and lack of physical activity. But compared to people of normal weight, obese people were more at risk to suffer from high cholesterol. Why?

Obesity is one of the main risks that trigger high blood cholesterol levels. Although both eating unhealthy and fatty foods, in fact, high cholesterol first approached people who are obese than people with a healthy weight. Obese people are more at risk of high cholesterol because he was more at risk of insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance is a condition where the body's cells become less sensitive to the glucose-lowering effect on the hormone insulin. Obesity is one of the causes of insulin resistance. Well, insulin resistance is a major trigger of cholesterol metabolism disorder, which causes high cholesterol levels in the blood.

Therefore, it is suggested that obese people can lose weight by 5 to 10 percent. Set up a healthy diet, regular exercise, and consult a doctor to check whether the relatively normal blood cholesterol.


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