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Prevent Heart Attacks in Overweight People with Eating a Watermelon

Posted by Rifki Hakim Saturday, 3 May 2014

Watermelon is known as a refreshing fruit and can prevent dehydration. However, besides containing a lot of water, it is also has other benefits, especially in people who are overweight.

A recent study revealed that eating watermelon could prevent heart attacks in people who are overweight or obese. Other than that, the fruit is also known to lower blood pressure in obese people, even when they are in cold weather.

There are many people who have heart attacks in cold weather because the body raising the blood pressure in order to warm the body. In people who are overweight, the heart will pump blood harder, so that it can increase the risk of heart attack.

However, this study revealed that eating watermelon could prevent it all, either by lowering blood pressure and reduce heart attacks or strokes. The pressure in the aorta and the heart decreases when someone is eating watermelon extract.

These results were obtained after the researchers conducted a study of 13 obese men and women who have high blood pressure for 12 weeks, as reported by the Daily Mail (03/04). Half of them were asked to consume watermelon extract while half were given a placebo.

The results of the study stated that watermelon can lower blood pressure and pressure on the heart even in cold conditions. By doing so, the participants also had a lower risk for a heart attack after eating watermelon extract.

In addition to this study, previous studies have also found that doing exercises in warm water can also reduce blood pressure. Even so, researchers are not sure what caused the warm water can lower blood pressure. Possibly because warm air can expedite the flow of blood throughout the body.

Let's be Healthy guys!!! :)


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