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Effective Weight Loss Strategy Versus Diet

Posted by Rifki Hakim Saturday, 3 December 2011

There is good news for those who are trying to get rid of the extra weight and who starved themselves and planned to do so with various diets: diets don’t work! Though, there is even better news for you: strategies work!

Let me explain to you what I mean by saying that: weight loss is complicated task, which requires the implementation of the end-to-end solutions, rather than one time efforts, such as diets. In fact, going on a diet can do you more harm than good. If you have tried it you know how hard and cheerless it is; and, how fruitless at times, too.

Most people feel frustrated and exhausted by various diets that bring no positive results or the attained results vanish so fast they do not have enough time to enjoy them. It happens so, because it’s not fun or exciting to change your eating habits or style. In fact, weight loss through diet or food restrictions becomes a rather daunting task.

That is why I mentioned strategy. Weight loss strategy – it is a life change. For most of us changes in life can be very exciting and fun, especially if we become their designers and initiators. No, it won’t be easy, of course. But it also does not have to be discouraging and overwhelming.

Developing your weight loss strategy, start with creating a new image of yourself. Start dreaming and setting up goals. Learn to love and accept yourself as you are now and enjoy possible changes.

Now, if you can learn to love and respect yourself and your body, you will realize that you deserve the best and most healthy food. When you staff yourself with fast food products or fatty foods you actually commit the act of hatred against yourself. But, if you come to love yourself, you will learn to enjoy good and healthy food.

Next point of your weight loss strategy is exercising. Most people in our modern society have barely enough of physical stress. So, we have to fill it out by working out.

Just think of it: your body is a marvel. It is built so that it can endure much physical stress and workload. In the former days people used to work and hunt, run and jump all the time. So, if you make your exercising a discovery journey to your natural abilities, you will also come to love it; it will not be a burden anymore.

Finally, developing weight loss strategy, it is very important to focus on being healthy rather than on getting thin. Do not measure yourself against those top models or actors. Few of them really have good health. In fact, many of them have problems with malnutrition and such sicknesses as anorexia, which ruin their health.

Do not get upset if you cannot reach their standard, but rather celebrate your every victory, even the smallest one. Encourage yourself in every way, but never reward yourself with eating some ‘out-of-law’ food!

Those were some tips for developing weight loss strategy that works. Good luck.


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