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Five Steps to Dieting Success

Posted by Rifki Hakim Friday, 2 December 2011

Dieting is a process which does not have a very good success ratio. The ratio can be improved by following certain minor points. As these points are minor, they are easily overlooked but more often than not lead to major repercussions. Here is a list of five simple steps which will make your diet plan a success.

Study has shown that smelling the food reduces your appetite to half. Also, eating slowly is another good method of reducing your hunger. Thus when your hunger itself is reduced, the problem of gaining weight hardly arises.

If you have food of different flavor for every meal, you hunger is most likely to increase. But if you have to eat the food of same flavor for the whole day, it is highly likely that you will skip at least one meal of the dinner. This automatically reduces your food intake and aides your diet plan.

Choosing the proper type of exercise is a must for the proper functioning of your diet plan. If you have enough spare time, you can go for a normal work-out. But if you are cramped for time, you can opt for high intensity exercises. These exercises use up more energy as compared to conventional ones thus reducing fat quickly.

Getting adequate sleep is also necessary for reducing weight. Erratic work timings and improper sleep never help the cause.
Spicy food helps in increasing your metabolic rate thus aiding in burning excessive fats and losing weight.

Also, here a few mistakes which you can commit while following a diet plan. Try and get rid of these mistakes as soon as possible as they have the potential to completely nullify your days of hard work.

Firstly, excessive craving is a big yet common mistake. Dieting puts restriction on some kinds of food. And it is the craving for these food items which makes you commit the mistake. You simply can’t control your desire and end up consuming massive quantity of that item. What it does is that it makes your days of effort go useless. So it is necessary to have self-discipline.

Secondly, making a sudden diet shift is not something which the human body can sustain. Diet change should be implemented but in small proportions. Today, many of people’s favorite food items are available in low-fat versions. So it is advisable to first switch to these and then go for food items like salads, etc.

Third mistake you are likely to commit is giving up. Just because of lack of motivation or self-discipline, giving up dieting seems the easy way out. Persistence with your routine without any hiccups is very important to make your dieting plan a success.

So, if you follow these five steps, you can reduce your weight in no time and that to without putting too much strain on your body.


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