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Cherries, Small Fruit Rich Benefits

Posted by Rifki Hakim Sunday, 4 May 2014

Cherry is one member of the berries family. Because of its small, cherry fruit is often overlooked because it does not have health benefits. In fact, because cherries are often used as a decoration cakes, the fruit is also often abandoned.

However, a study says that cherry juice can reduce insomnia and very good to eat before exercising. In addition to those benefits, this is another benefit of consuming cherries for health.

Reducing Blood Pressure
Cherries can reduce blood pressure as potassium content in it. Potassium will also eliminate excess sodium in the body. When the amount of potassium and sodium balance, so you can avoid hypertension.

Strengthen the Heart
cherry is a storehouse of pectin or soluble fiber which can prevent heart disease by cholesterol. Cherries also contain powerful antioxidants that are beneficial to prevent cancer.

Reduce Headache
A study conducted at Michigan State University showed that if you have arthritis and chronic headache, eat a bowl of cherries. Eating cherries can also reduce uric acid in the blood that causes the pain and swelling of arthritis.

Although cherry fruit is small, it brings many benefits to the health of your body. Good luck!


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