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Mushrooms, Best Food For People with Diabetes

Posted by Rifki Hakim Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Revealed by the experts, mushrooms are an excellent food consumed by diabetics because mushrooms contain very little sugar, almost none. According to TN Lakhanpal, from the department of bioscience at the Himachal Pradesh University, mushrooms are usually eaten for their nutritional value. Mushrooms are rich in essential nutrients and good for diabetics.

In addition, the mushrooms are barely contain fat is also good for people who suffer from obesity. So far, Lakhanpal explains that the potential of mushroom hasn't been much explored and known. Though,  the mushrooms has many uses and nutrition.

All mushrooms have been studied proved to have healing substances for cancer, HIV, and other diseases. Besides beneficial in terms of health, the mushrooms also benefit financially. The mushrooms have a price that is not too expensive and can be reached by many people.

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