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Knowing The Green Tea What You Drink

Posted by Rifki Hakim Thursday, 17 January 2013

At cold weather, it's better if you drink warm green tea. Not only makes the body become more fit but also can calm the mind.

For you fans of green tea, do you know where it came from this nutritious delicious drink? Green tea originated from China, and has been used for many years as a treatment to help control bleeding, heal wounds, and improve digestion.

Most teas, including green tea, white, black, and oolong tea, all harvested from the same plant, the Camellia sinensis. Differences in processing them to produce various types of tea.

Tea leaves used to make green tea are dried leaves but not fermented, giving a fresh grassy flavor. However, green tea itself is divided into several types. To get to know it, the following popular varieties of green tea.

1. Sencha
This drink comes from whole tea leaves that steamed, then baked in sencha, so it feels very soft, fresh, and clean. In Japan, as reported from Yum Sugar, this type of green tea is usually enjoyed as both hot and cold beverages.

2. Gunpowder
Green tea from China is named Gunpowder because the tea leaves that rolled and polished to resemble gunpowder. This method is useful to prevent the leaves from being damaged and to maintain flavor. Types of green tea has a smoky flavor and a bit spicy.

3. Matcha
Before becoming matcha, green tea leaves grinded until smooth, making it bright green powder. Matcha is widely used in the traditional tea ceremony in Japan, as well as one additional ingredient that can enhance the taste and also used as a food coloring like mochi.

4. Genmaicha
This type of green tea is actually made ​​from a blend of green tea leaves and roasted brown rice

5. Dragonwell
Came from the region Hangzhou, China, is well known in many countries around the world. Green tea from Hangzhou usually be panfried or sauteed as part of a treatment process to prevent the fermentation of natural decay.

6. Jasmine green tea
This type of tea is actually a combination of green tea and jasmine flower. It is a combination of common sense, and the resulting tea has a touch of floral flavor, so it smells almost like perfume.

Those are some of the kinds of green tea that we can inform you. Hopefully this information is useful to you. :)


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