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Beware, Sport Can Harm Your Heart

Posted by Rifki Hakim Thursday, 17 January 2013

Who says sport always be good for the body? Sport was not only able to protect the body fitness, but also bring harm to the heart, according to researchers. A study analyzed data from six studies on sport. They observing 16,787 people who exercise regularly to find the effect of regular exercise on the heart.

The results are quite surprising and confusing for researchers. Because nearly one in ten men in the study showed the ill effects of exercise. Some effects involving blood pressure, insulin levels, and levels of good cholesterol (HDL).

Meanwhile, two of these risk factors cause heart disease gets worse as a result of regular exercise. Although only occurs in a minority of people, these investigators have not found a definite reason behind the surprising effects of the sport.

Based on information from the lead researcher, Claude Bochard from Louisiana State University, this may be due to the genetics of the person which then affects blood pressure, insulin levels, and good cholesterol.

An aerobic exercise such as running are known to reduce the risk of damage to the cardiovascular system is affected by age. However, a hard workout and constant can also be bad for the heart.

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