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Eggs Can Be Making Fresh Eyes

Posted by Rifki Hakim Sunday, 18 December 2011

Usually when in front of the desk, we often sleepy eyes. Moreover, if before or after lunch, often a sense of sleepiness was not unbearable. So, how do I prevent it? Do not eat salty foods, but try to eat the eggs.

The advice was given to researchers at the University of Cambridge, England. The scientists found that egg proteins, especially those found in egg white, help us stay awake and feel alert.

Protein was called more effective than carbohydrates found in chocolate, biscuits, and sweet foods more energy generation. Nutritious substances in the egg affects the brain cells that make us wake up and burn calories.

Protein content similar to egg white mixture that activate cells and triggers the release of orexin on an ongoing basis. While sugar inhibits the release of orexin.

In addition, the type of cholesterol found in eggs has minimal effect in increasing the risk of heart attack. So it's good before work and start your day with breakfast eggs.


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