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Natural Ingredients to Relieve Your Throat Infection

Posted by Rifki Hakim Sunday, 26 October 2014

A throat infection would make people uncomfortable and painful. If not treated promptly, the infection of your throat can last for weeks until many months. Therefore, treating strep throat while still form in the early stages is very important if you don't want to suffer for a long time.

To treat throat infections do not rush to take medication. Throat infections can be relieved with natural ingredients. Here are some natural ingredients that can be used to relieve throat infections: 

Raspberry Tea  
Raspberry leaf tea is claimed to be good for the throat infection. You can use this tea to gargle or drink to relieve inflammation of the throat. Take two teaspoons of dried raspberry leaves in a cup, then pour hot water in it. Mix and allow it to become warm drinks. Your throat will feel better.

Sage Leaf 
Sage is one of the herbs that are good for health. You only need to mix a teaspoon of sage leaves with warm water. Let it for a moment, and then drink the water. sage is also claimed to be the most efficacious drug to treat infections of the throat.

Mix water with half a teaspoon of turmeric and half a teaspoon of salt and boil. After that, let it for a moment. In the morning, use the cooking water to gargle. Turmeric water is good for throat infection. Gargling with turmeric water is also known as one of the best methods to overcome a throat infection naturally. 

Gargling with Salt Water 
Add a pinch of salt to the boiling water, and mix. Let the moment until the water gets warm. After that, gargle with salt water. Gargling salt water on a regular basis is very good for throat infection. 

Ginger Tea 
Ginger tea is very good for the health of the throat. If you want to clear the throat and relieve the infection, try drinking ginger tea. In addition to preventing problems with the throat, ginger tea is also claimed to cure strep throat quickly.   

That's some natural ways that can carried out to overcome a throat infection. If it can be treated in a natural way, don't directly use the drug to ease it. Good luck!


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