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6 Healthy Food That Was Not Healthy

Posted by Rifki Hakim Thursday, 10 January 2013

Maybe you've eaten this food and think it's healthy to be consumed regularly. In fact, six healthy food that you think is just not good for health. Lauren Antonucci, and Lisa Moskovitz nutrition, nutritionist from New York City, will present the facts behind healthy label on some of these foods :

1. Protein Snack
These type of protein snack seemingly healthy, but in fact they can contain twice the amount of fat and carbohydrates than regular snack.

2. Dried Fruit
Something Fresh is definitely better than preserved. Similarly with dried fruit, you can add a lot of calories when eating dried fruit.

3. Yogurt
Yogurt in any design is a source of calcium and vitamin D. But be careful, some brands of yogurt contain lots of fat and sugar. So make sure you choose a good quality yogurt.

4. Salad Dressing
For those of you who love to eat salad, do not use salad dressing even though it has been labeled healthy. Whatever food is put into the packaging contains a high sodium. You can make Salad Dressing of your own  from a mixture of vinegar, lemon juice, and spices such as pepper, turmeric and mustard seeds.

5. Sushi
Sushi rolls may seem small, but it may deceive you. The sushi rolls usually contain more than 500 calories. Therefore, avoid types of sushi modification that adds cream cheese, shredded cheese, or spicy mayo sauce.

6. Margarine
Margarine contains more trans fat that can lower the good cholesterol in the body. For those of you who are on the diet, avoid consumption of margarine in your daily diet.

These six foods that are considered healthy by many people, but the food could have negative effects on our bodies if we are wrong to consume.


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