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Interesting Facts About Olive Oil

Posted by Rifki Hakim Sunday, 1 January 2012

For the Greeks, the olive is a symbol of nobility and valuable for peace. But more than that, they know the magic contained in it, which makes them never give it to another.

Olive oil has many benefits, in addition to keeping cholesterol levels, as well as controlling blood sugar. This is one of the most easily digestible oil.

Water the above a few vegetables or dip a piece of bread wheat in some parts of it and enjoy as a snack. In addition, can also be enjoyed by adding to the dish spicy or acidic foods. Try adding olive oil while making the sauce. Make a mixture of olive oil with onions, spices and garlic for pasta sauce. To get a salty taste sensational on cooking your meat, you can use this oil type. Because olive oil could be a better penetration of the taste.

For sauteing or frying, it is best to use a combination of original and extra olive oil on a regular basis. Add flavor by using olive oil through the injection of dried herb leaves. The good, store in a cool and dark with a tightly closed container. Keeping the olive oil in the fridge, can make it thicker


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