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Sleep Soundly Tips At Night

Posted by Rifki Hakim Friday, 2 December 2011

There is a lot to do when we sleep. During sleep, our bodies also repair damaged cells in the body and also makes our mind become calmer. Lack of sleep can lead to emotional instability, fatigue, decreased ability to think. Unfortunately, many people who find it difficult to sleep at night. Although it had intended to sleep, but the eyes can not be closed and no drowsiness. How so you can enjoy a sound sleep at night? 

Do not overeat at night 
Try to keep your dinner does not go through at 19.00. A full stomach causing body still doing ingestion, so that the body has not rested. Although not a heavy meal, also reduce the consumption of snacks in the evening. 

Do not engage in activity that takes mental and thoughts at bedtime 
Activities or jobs that require consideration can cause you trouble sleeping. The debate is done at night also cause similar effects. So, do not let that activity done after 20:30 hours of the night. 

Bathing with hot water 
This activity can make the body more relaxed so you can sleep more quickly. Bathing with hot water you can do an hour before bedtime. 

Drink hot milk 
It also can help the body more relaxed and you sleep more soundly. 

Turn off lights 
At bedtime, turn off the lights of your room. When you're used to sleeping at night and want to sleep more quickly, then try that you've been in the room half an hour from the time you specified, turn off the lights and try to close your eyes. 

Use a fragrance or slow music 
You can use aromatherapy to be more calm. If possible, turn on slow music that can help you relax. 

Read a book 
Books that will read these books should not burden the mind like a storybook romance. However, choose books that contain things that are inspiring. 

Feel your body 
While in bed, feeling your body. This will help you realize that you are ready to sleep. 

Set of breath 
With a deep breath and set it up, you can get used to and the same as when you have slept soundly. 

Write a Diary  
Write a Diary before bed can also make you enjoy a good night's sleep. By writing a diary, as though you are downloading your mind and will ease the burden of thinking that makes the mind becomes calmer and sleep the more soundly.


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