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Herbs That Can Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Posted by Rifki Hakim Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A number of medicinal plants have such an effect of insulin in the human body. The plants can reduce excessive blood sugar in people who have diabetes. Combined diet and exercise, herbs consumed after eating to control levels of blood gala. 
Too many carbohydrates will cause excessive production of sugar in the blood. Excessive blood sugar that causes diabetes. The bad news, when it is exposed, diabetes can only be controlled with blood sugar control. 
Medicinal plants can be consumed to help control blood sugar. Herbal remedies work like insulin. These herbs can be used long term without side effects. Medicinal plants constructive function, namely to rebuild and heal damaged tissue complications. Herbal remedies work lowers blood sugar by inhibiting the mechanism of sugar absorption thanks to the high fiber content.Here are some herbs that lower blood sugar: 

1. Phaleria

Pharmacological effects: anti-inflammatory drugs dysentery, sore skin, and eczema. 
How to use: five to seven slices Phaleria brewed with a glass of hot water (200 cc). Cover and let sit to dissolve first. After that drink in moderation. 

2. Bitter grape (Tinospora crispa)
Pharmacological effects: analgesic (pain relieving), anti piretik (reduce heat) 
How to use: prepare bitter grape 6 cm stem, wash, then cut into pieces. Add a third handheld leaf leaves bitter and a third cat whiskers. Boil three cups up into two glasses. Taken after a meal. 

3. Noni
Pharmacological effects: improving pancreatic beta cells and insulin receptors are not functioning properly. 
How to use: two ripe noni shredded, add a little lime water. Stir until evenly distributed. Squeeze it with a fabric and drunk. 

4. Aloe vera
Pharmacological effects: anti-inflammatory, laxative 
How to use: 1 sheet of aloe vera is washed out, discard needles, then cut into pieces, boiled aloe vera with three cups of water until it becomes one half glass. Drink 3 x1, 5 glass after every meal. 

5. Momordica 
Pharmacological effects: anti-inflammatory, cold nature. Charantin and polypeptide-P in bitter melon stimulates pancreatic beta cells release insulin. 
How to use: 200 grams of chopped fresh Momordica, then juiced or boiled. Then the water was drunk. 

6. Green tea
Pharmacological effects: polyphenols in tea increases cell sensitivity to insulin. Effects of green tea on insulin was once investigated by Hiroshi Tsuneki et al and published in the journal BMC Pharmacology 2004 edition.
How to use: one teaspoon green tea leaves brewed with hot water. Drink after meals.


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